​​Julian Deleij is a creative craftsman in marketing, branding and publishing. 
With 15 years of in-depth experience he's proven to be a trusted partner in creative and production roles, b
oth client and agency side.
His solid basis in production design is broadened with art direction and (creative) imaging for print and digital.
Have a look at the work or drop me a line.
adidas, G-Star RAW, Tommy Hilfiger, WE Fashion, Sandwich,Maxi-Cosi, Ella's Kitchen, Heineken, Desperados, Sopheon, Alzheimer Nederland, Marcus Köppen, Lois Cohen, Gijsbert Hanekroot, 180 Kingsday, SID LEE, HelloMaas, Iris Amsterdam, Mr. Fox, Tinker, Brands & Spaces, Social Inc., Triple Jump, Work Shop, Colour Cake, FD Media